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??Textile and garment industry is the Black Peony (Group) Company Limited started industry, the company created from the initial 1940 to join the textile industry is, and in the early eighties professional production of denim, denim is the first production of one of the enterprises; into apparel in 1993, specializing in the production of denim, khaki, corduroy and other casual wear.?

After years of development, textiles and clothing sector has formed its own characteristics:

First, strong talent. The company has a large number of highly educated, high-quality, business skills, professional knowledge and management of solid and experienced qualified staff. The company attaches great importance to staff training and care, Jian-Jun Deng electrical maintenance worker in the company's culture, has become a model for knowledge-based workers, representatives of the party's congress, since the founding of New China, the Chinese people and the times leader - People's Republic of established six years of the most influential model workers. Jian-Jun Deng company's employees have to follow the example of learning technology, strong business, with a group of "Jian-Jun Deng" type of technology backbone


Second, technology and well equipped. Has from the United States, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Germany and other countries to introduce the air spinning, non-woven fabrics, dyed denim line, finishing line and garment production equipment, the main production equipment are the world's advanced level after 2001 . Industry took the lead company in the country to achieve the yarn dyed knot of free, weaving shuttle technology, equipment, shuttle rate of 100%. Recognized world authority of 25 new textile technology can be used for 18 denim, the company has successfully introduced the use of the 15.
Third, the production system is complete. With an annual output 60 million meters of denim, denim garments 8,000,000 (sets), all kinds of yarn-dyed 6 million meters, the production capacity of 15,000 tons of yarn to form a spinning, dyeing, weaving, finishing, garment train production system.
Fourth, advanced management tools. Computer operations in the production and promotion of the use of comprehensive, the main production equipment and auxiliary equipment are equipped with computers and advanced monitoring equipment, and the introduction of a number of advanced management systems; has HVI fiber testing instrument, AFIS sliver tester, anti-ozone fastness tester, and other contemporary world advanced level in the design, testing equipment.
Five complete range of products. With 3.6-17 oz / square yard of cotton, stretch, slub, ring spinning, silk, flash and other ten series of products of more than 1,000 species, and other types of yarn-dyed fabric, denim clothing, is the world's largest species denim manufacturer, is currently a small number can be linked to "Leica" logo manufacturer of denim fabric.
Six excellent reputation for quality. In 1998 the company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification in the State, in 2003 through the national ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2004 through the SA8000 social responsibility management system certification in 2005 passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ecological textile certification, the same year, the company " Black Peony "denim was awarded" China Top Brand "," Black Peony "trademark was awarded" China Famous Trademark ", August 8, 2007 by General Administration of Export Commodities Inspection and Quarantine inspection-free Review , increasing brand exposure; 90% of the products have been exported to the United States, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, Australia and more than 50 countries and regions, is hailed as China's foreign-brand denim.
Now, the company is building a "Black Peony eco-industrial park." Future goal is to upgrade the industry through technical innovation, business model transformation, the existing denim fabric and garments to upgrade its foundry business, business to business areas from production areas of change. The "Black Peony" standards and brand as the core of the national business system basically established denim; to export technology, brand, standards, orders, quality control, sales channel business model basically established; boutique production centers, technological innovation centers, Marketing Management center, logistics centers, reliable operation.
"Black Peony" style of fabric, clothing, apparel development of a national brand, "Black Peony" style of fabric development for the world brands. "Black Peony" brand was established as the textile and garment industry, one of the representatives of leisure culture
In the "Black Peony," established standards and leisure culture denim brand, and led the country to lead a group of clothing, apparel, fabric companies, the formation of cooperative division of labor, and the supporting industrial chain formed.

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