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Mission:introduce ChangZhou city to both China and the world

Black Peony is a state-owned holding company to undertake the construction of Changzhou New District, and the important task of operating in real terms has grown from a single product to promote urban development, innovation and new life to Changzhou, China and the world to pass the mission changes.
Through high-quality products in the world market, the market's best-selling, high quality products to consumers through the understanding of Black Peony and Changzhou cities; the formation of any product, brand, country and the world are passed to the style of the path of Changzhou.

Vision:peonies blooming, life improving

Black Peony fabric of existing industrial and real estate development both directly to consumers of life, plans new industrial investment, apparel fabrics and upgrading of real estate, etc., are all focused on enhancing product quality content, focused on enhancing quality of life to design, so that consumers higher quality of life, a better life.
Adoption of new industrial investment, industrial upgrading, Black Peony products will become more abundant, the quality of products is more prominent, more beautiful, more rich, so as to promote Changzhou and people's lives better

Strategy: Brand to lead the future, build quality, value

Our products brand is the long-term survival of the resource which is the product of an important resource for growth and expansion. To lead the future of the brand is the most critical and most of the overall product strategy, brand concept needs throughout every aspect of business and complete the process. Corporate brand strategy should be aggressive and city branding phase, consistent with the promotion phase. Company Extension of brand needs creative, rich content, improve quality.
Improve the quality of our products is to enhance the intrinsic value of the brand, promoting brand development, creating value-added products, value creation, an important measure to create a better life.
To accelerate industrial upgrading for the strategic direction, through new investment, attract investment, improve support services, brands and other forms of guidance, through the use of science and technology,
Improve industry efficiency and improve the industrial structure and Changzhou New District, Changzhou New Area and promote the adjustment of industrial structure.

Culture:foresight, responsibility, innovation, harmonious

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